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threatening to decapitate a woman. the bizarre behavior is documented over the past eight years. in a police interview, wilmot told investigators he felt bitter toward the fire district and its employees. the district feels wilmot is, quote, retired but still poses a threat. as we were shooting video outside of one of his three homes, searched by the police, we ran into him and tried to ask him about the accusations. he stopped but gave us a fake name. i'm looking for mr. wilmot. do you know where i could find him? >> no, i don't. >> we just have questions for him. what's your name? >> i'm brad. >> are you his friend? >> just friend. >> reporter: his attorneys later contacted us and asked us not to speak with their client. he was arrested and booked on second-degree burglary and grand theft charges on december 10th. he posted his $30,000 bail after less than eight hours in custody. tonight at 11:00, much more on
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what police found and how the atf is now involved in this investigation. we'll also have more from the fire district on what the agency says it is now doing to protect employees and why it took eight years to file this restraining order. wilmot retired last month after his arrest. he spent 27 years at the district. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> we look forward to seeing you this evening, vicky. police on high alert after one of their own is viciously beaten and shot in east oakland. they arrested five gang members. the community is now increasing its plea for help. only how to get that help is causing outrage also. in a few minutes, oakland city council members will need to decide whether to hire william bratton.
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jody? >> janelle, the council chambers inside city hall are absolutely packed. the fire marshal just asked folks to leave because there's not enough room. 200 people have signed up to speak at tonight's meeting. while bratton critics plan to be loud and boisterous, others in oakland say this crime-ridden city needs all the help it can get. >> it's hell. it's hell. it's hell on earth. >> reporter: that's how sandra describes what it's like living in this east oakland neighborhood, where an undercover police officer got beaten and shot in the arm last night. >> they're violating everybody else's constitutional rights. we can't walk our streets without worrying about a bullet coming our way. you know, they need to be stopped. >> reporter: tonight the oakland city council will vote on a controversial plan to hire former nypd and lapd chief bill bratton as a consultant.
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oakland's police chief said last night's shooting draws home a need for a plan. >> we need to take the resources, the very limited resources that we have and address that issue, and how we prevent people like the three to five people we have involved in this, how do we stop them from becoming violent and removing them from off the street. >> we're paying for essentially two police chiefs here. >> reporter: protesters plan to come out in force tonight. they say bratton's police style including support of stop-and-frisk technique don't belong in oakland. >> we've seen him basically wreak havoc in other cities, bringing in gang injunctions, curfews, quality of life, very, very harsh style policing that relies on massive amounts of arrests. >> bring in bratton. bring in the fbi. >> reporter: but many who live in the line of fire say bratton's input is needed. as the violence just keeps
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ramping up. >> they say it's all about race. no, it's about crime. this is a crime out here. the crime out here needs to stop. >> reporter: again, the city council is set to vote on whether to hire bill bratton. unlike last week, there are also a lot of pro-bratton people here tonight. one woman believes the anti-police demonstrators are hijacking the city and it is time to speak out. another woman told me she hasn't felt this unsafe since she moved here 28 years ago. meanwhile, the police chief says he is more resolved than ever to hire william bratton. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we'll have full coverage tonight at 11:00. how did thieves steal nearly a dozen luxury cars. a follow-up to a story we broke last night at 6:00. at least three surveillance cameras captured several people as they broke into the auto
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world yesterday, driving off with about a dozen cars, including bmws, jaguars and mercedes. it took seconds for the thieves to break into the office and get the keys. a few minutes later they were driving off the lot with the high-end cars. so far, only one car has been recovered. police are looking at surveillance video from nearby businesses in hopes of identifying the car thieves. a quapt south bay town could get a little fiery tonight when the topic of affordable housing gets up. los gatos is to plan for 500 affordable housing units in years to come. some residents are questioning the possible sites chosen. kris sanchez is live with more on tonight's vote. kris? >> reporter: hi there, janelle. a lot of the residents who say they're going to come to this meeting say not only were they left out of the process, but they think their town should be pushing back against the state requirements. this man and his wife said they found out the plan for
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affordable housing as they were putting the local newspaper into their bird cage and saw the town's legal notice. otherwise they would not have known the empty lot across the street from their town is in the overlay zone. >> it segregates the affordable housing to a tiny part of town, far from downtown. ultimately does a disservice to the affordable housing residents and to the town as a whole. >> reporter: he said there's a better way to create affordable housing without devaluing properties and putting stress on local school districts. he and other concerned citizens put their own ad in the same local paper to inform their neighbors and persuade their council. >> we know alternatives within town, within transit corridors that work better than these areas. >> the affordable housing on this policy, it isn't development. >> reporter: los gatos' strategic planner said the state is requiring the town to plan for 452 affordable units between 2007 and 2014. >> i think the council is in a
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difficult situation. you have a community that has concerns of the impact it could cause. and you have the state that is counting what we have to do, and it has consequences with it. >> reporter: the consequences include losing the ability to issue permits or force rezoning. but the contention that tonight's vote is just about policy is hardly a comfort to lockridge. >> the problem is as soon as the developer gets hold of it, you have nothing to say about it. >> reporter: at the last meeting, there were about 75 people in the audience. this time the organizers say that they expect that there won't be enough room for all of the people who will show up at this meeting at 7:00. the strategic planner says she expects this meeting could go until about midnight. and she says this is the most controversial issue she has had to prepare in the town of los gatos since she started working here, and she's retiring this week as well. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news.
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nonstop to tokyo on hold in san jose, al nippon is canceling more of its dreamliner flights. they're canceled through january 28th. the airline said more cancellations are still possible. the faa grounded every boeing 787 dreamliner last week after a string of problems, including fuel leaks and battery fires. ana is rebooking passengers on ana and other airlines through other west coast airports. a four-month repair job on the bay bridge began after an oil tanker side swiped it. would thers gathered at the base of the eastern-most tower to begin work. the actual pier isn't damaged but the fenders were. they absorb the impact on january 7th when the ship scraped the system made from steel and recycled plastic. cal trans said the repairs will cost up to $3 million. it hopes to recoup some of that money there the tanker's owner.
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depending on the outcome of the ntsb and coast guard investigations. the week takes a chilly turn. >> after rare winter warmth today, areas of 70s down in the south bay, los gatos at 73. santa cruz at 68. we have the system lining up offshore. we'll track the rain timeline and let you know when the showers will arrive coming up in a few minutes. the clock is ticking for city college of san francisco. the school is taking teachers' wages without their permission to save the college. but will it work. the answer coming up in tonight's reality check. what we can all learn from a man te'o's social media mess. an executive is weighing in with advice.
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four years after a bizarre road rage episode left two elderly pedestrians dead, a san
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jose jury convicted a drunk driver of their murders. visitors to the park were horrified to see a white suv plow right into three seniors out on a morning stroll. two of them died. a man playing soccer nearby testified at trial that minutes before the accident, driver armando oh choa had shouted at him and tried to cut him off in traffic. his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. at trial his attorney used medical testimony to support ochoa's brain caused the behavior. the jury did not buy it. the sound of money is being heard in silicon value. reaping big profits and big rewards for investors tonight. scott budman has the numbers and the news. >> the numbers are especially big. earning season kicking off for tech companies, google and ibm
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and intuitive surgical. the number of clicks up, everything advertisers and investors want to hear. the mountain view search giant said it's in the process of hiring 1,400 workers as it expands its core businesses. google shares up about 5%, or more than $30 a share in after-hours trading. job growth also coming from a bay area amusement park. california's great america said it will hire 2,500 people as it gears up for the new season. the santa clara park reopens march 29th. you can apply for a job now on its website. lots of good things can come from a new job. but about the only thing to come from a now famous internet hoax is a cautionary tale for our kids. here's why social networks deserve your very close attention. >> more than anything else being said, manti te'o is a college educated young adult. so if he could be fooled by a
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social network prank, imagine how vulnerable a 13-year-old could be. >> i think every child is exposed to some sort of false identity. >> reporter: michelle is chief privacy office at security giant mcafee, one of many companies tracking online scams, she says the te'o story can be a lesson for young people. social and mobile technology are great, but they can also be deceiving. >> at the end of the day, there are two people who think they're talking to one another, and in this case, one was not who the other one thought they were. >> reporter: the danger can work two ways. being duped into a false relationship, and like this woman, who appeared on the "today" show, having your profile stolen by the person doing the duping. >> i've never met manti te'o in my life. i've never spoken with him. i've never exchanged words, tweets. >> reporter: it's all a cautionary tale, really. what you see and hear online is
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not always what you get. >> what i do take away is, look at how easy it is to be romanced by the things that you type in so quickly, as you're texting, as you're going to websites, as you're talking to people, not face to face. >> reporter: so be extra careful before you treat a relationship by text as anything more serious. at least until you know for sure what's on the other side. michelle's advice for parents, treat the talk about social networking and internet use like you would the talk about the birds and the bees, or drug use. something very serious about something that can be very confusing to young people. back to you. >> thank you. good advice, scott. the next story might leave you scratching. a bedbug boot camp held today. kind of. for apartment building owners. they even had some samples on display. the big message, tenants
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shouldn't fight the bedbugs themselves, that just chases them into neighboring units, and then you have an even bigger problem. >> 12 years ago we used to get bedbugs maybe only in the business hotels. we would get one request per service per year. now, we're up to 190-something per year. it's really gone up quite a bit. >> experts say the best way to get rid of bedbugs is call a professional. property owners are legally liable to get rid of those insects, so make sure you stand up for your rights. a deer hunt is being organized in the evergreen neighborhood. the weapons used aren't guns, but surgical instruments. retirement community called the villages is overrun with the animals. it joins open space, the deer's natural habitat. the local herd has doubled in the last couple of years. they can be aggressive and no
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longer fear people. property managers say they chow down on $150,000 worth of landscaping each year. now the state department of fish and wildlife has approved a plan to sedate and sterilize the does. it is not your average garden variety debate. noisy protests ahead of a meeting to decide the use of leaf blowers. they can have an outright ban, a certification program that would limit noise, levels to 65 decibels or less, or improved enforcement of the current leaf blower ordinance. it would cost the city up to $200,000 a year. gardeners and landscapers worry the ban would hurt their businesses. a chef wants to extend his resume to a tasting room on five acres of sonoma county land he
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bought last year. it's already planted with pinoir grapes that he wants to bottle under a label named after his sons. he filed a plan with the county to build a commercial kitchen where he could host up to 14 large events a year. a city planner tells the press democrat the biggest concerns are noise and traffic. let's head over to the weather center, talk to jeff about the next coming days. >> huge changes coming our way. right now we're inundated with a lot of cloud cover from the pacific. a strong stream of moisture up from the south. also slightly cooler temperatures. look at doppler radar scan. no rainfall across the bay area. nearest rain drops off to the north. the atmosphere starting to get moistened up at the lower levels. our chances of rainfall increasing for tomorrow. low to mid-50s on the weather board. we dropped about ten degrees from the daytime highs. even though it's getting colder out here, here's awesome news
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that might have you saying yes, yes, yes. look at this. electric bill relief coming our way tonight. maybe you're more conservative than i was just there. last time you had temperatures above 32 degrees, way back on january the 9th. let's take you outside. there is the haze produced by all this warm weather here across the silicon valley. that's eventually going to get pushed out the next two days to improve your allergies and also that air quality. also, up at the bay bridge, we have fairly clear conditions, and those cars sailing right on through the toll plaza. let's get a look at the current pattern right now. the cold front, subtropical moisture moving in. we'll have a chance of showers on wednesday. another player down here off to the south. another chance of showers as we head into friday's forecast. neither system is offer overly . temperatures dropping five to ten degrees.
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tomorrow mainly starting off cloudy. temperatures in the 50s. few breaks of sun by the noon hour. that continues on into the afternoon. are you as excited about the overnight warm temperatures as i was, ladies? >> i was. >> very. >> all right. coming up, is the nation following california. what the state is doing about mental illness that's not getting attention from the feds. and the hot zones. which bay area neighborhoods are ranking as the hottest in the country. back in a moment. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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california's car pool sticker remains in the slow line. so far the state has only sold 9,000 stickers, well below the cap of 40,000. the state kicked off the program in 2012, but the sales haven't been as brisk as they expected. only a few cars meet the standards of the low emission standard. eligible hybrid cars include the
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2012 and 2013 models of the chevy volt and the prius and fusion. the program ends in january of 2015. real estate market is looking good this year, especially in certain neighborhoods. red fin pulled its agents to identify the hottest up and coming places to buy. silicon valley and east bay, livermore ranked highest for balancing affordability with a friendly walkable downtown. san jose's willow glen neighborhood was singled out for the historic feel. east dublin gets a nod for good schools, easy access to freeways and access to golf courses. still to come at 6:00, terror at a college campus. what sparked a school lockdown after a gunman was reported on the ground. neighbors in a quiet south bay neighborhood stunned by
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violence after an elderly couple was tied up and robbed. plus -- >> at this point he definitely has not kept the promise. if you need any evidence, you just need to look at the people that you have spoken with. tonight new accusations against the california national guard. why a powerful supporter of the guard's leadership is now speaking out in an investigative unit exclusive.
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time is running out for the city clemg of san francisco. the school has until march 15th to show an accreditation commission it can survive long term. >> the college is doing everything and everything it can to shore up its structure and balance sheet, even if that means cutting wages for the teachers across the board. examining whether a mandatory wage reduction is even legal and if the savings will be enough to save the college.
6:27 pm
sam? >> jessica, the controversy here is the teachers union didn't agree to a wage reduction, the college is implementing one anyway, at least for this year. the administration is citing a contract clause that no one but a judge is suited to interpret. but we can interpret the numbers involved. in this dispute over wages, it could likely sink the college battleship. >> we are going to keep city college open. we're going to keep our accreditation and do what we need to do to make those things happen. >> reporter: you might wonder what a trombone has to do with the financial health of the city college of san francisco. actually, it's not a trombone, so much as the trombone clause. it's part of the contract between ccsf and its teachers union that both sides say allows the administration to impose mandatory wage reductions on teachers if conditions demand. >> the labor negotiations, it's always interpretation.
6:28 pm
>> reporter: but talk to the sides and that's where the agreement ends. >> the trombone clause says in good times, when we have good budgets from the state and better economics, we can share that largess with our employees. but it retracts in bad times which is where we are now, and that's our view. >> but the circumstances themselves are when the college receives a mid-year cut in state funding. that is significant. so if the college loses funds unexpectedly during the year, they can come back and take back some of the wages. >> reporter: but ccsf hasn't lost any funding yet this year and the college has taken back some teacher wages, saving several million dollars. who has the upper hand legally? we asked a former california supreme court justice in one of the most experienced labor exerts, hastings professor. >> there are disagreements over
6:29 pm
the meaning of this language and they're going to have to be resolved by someone. and i assume that will be an arbitrator. >> reporter: the judge doesn't know the answer. and frankly, neither do we. but here's why it's relevant and why you should care. the college says 90% of its budget goes to teacher salaries and benefits. the accreditation commission has identified pay structure as the college's most significant hurdle. now the two sides are fighting over roughly $5 million a year out of a budget that's $185 million and growing. teachers admittedly are struggling with these cuts, having voluntarily given back portions of their salaries the last four years in running. this, while bigger decisions loom. >> we are hearing from faculty that they're moving out of their homes and apartments to move in with parents. and we're hearing unfortunately from a substantial number of faculty who are choosing to apply for jobs in other places at this point. >> we know their hearts are in the right place. we know that they care. but we also know that doing
6:30 pm
things differently is not the easiest nithing in the world. that's what we're asking people to do. >> you might recall that voters approved a parcel tax last year that will bring the city college $16 million a year starting in december, and it could potentially offset part of the wage cuts. but to me, that's all peripheral. city college and its teachers are arguing over a few million dollars a year when it will take tens of millions in savings and structural changes as well to save ccfs. the trombone debate is emblematic of a larger problem. the college will likely not get the fiscal house in order. sam brock, and that is today's reality check. >> thanks, sam. switching to the csu system, it said it needs more money, a lot more money. california state university leaders made a demand at a meeting today. they say in order to fund the next academic year, they need $371 million in total. governor jerry brown fired back that the demand is more of a dream than a reality.
6:31 pm
the money would cover salary raises, and maintenance and equipment for the 23 campuses. brown has agreed to give an extra $125 million under the condition that tuition not be raised. a quiet neighborhood in south san jose is dealing with the aftermath of a disturbing armed robbery. just before 7:00 last night, three men broke into the home of an elderly couple. they tied up the couple. the 76-year-old woman and 73-year-old man. they ransacked their home and stole a number of items from the house. the suspects also then drove off with the victims' two cars. one victim managed to get loose and go to a neighbor's home and call for help. >> i've never heard that before in this neighborhood. i think we're one of the safest neighborhoods in the safest city in the country. so it was kind of a surprise. >> police are still looking for the couple's cars, a 1997 tan
6:32 pm
toyota camry with the license plate 3ung960. the other is a 2007 green toyota highlander, xxiu520. the pomp and circumstance has come to an end and now it's time to get back to work. before getting back to the multiple agendas on capitol hill, the president and vice president attended the national prayer service at the washington national cathedral. it's a post-inaugural tradition dating back to george washington. at this morning's service, a minister echoed the president's inaugural plea for less partisanship. >> because until we resolve our differences here, at least find some unifying vision that brings us together, we're going to find it very, very difficult to solve any other problems we're facing. >> also today, a white house spokesman said if congress passes the house republican bill to extend the debt ceiling for three months, the president would not stand in the way.
6:33 pm
in the past, the obama administration has not embraced the idea of a short-term extension. police investigating a shooting at a texas college that left three people injured, it happened at the lone star college just north of houston. authorities say it started with an argument between two men that escalated into gunfire. a student said chaos broke out quickly after. >> we heard shots, and automatically we saw students running. and we went under our desks. our teacher shut down the lights and we tried to take cover. >> both men were shot as well as a college employee caught in the cross fire. that employee is listed in stable condition. police did detain the two men. campus and several nearby schools were put on lockdown for hours. school will be back in session tomorrow, though. california's approach to dealing with mental illness could be a model for the entire nation. that's the message state senate leader darrell steinberg took to washington today. he met today with aides to vice
6:34 pm
president joe biden. biden is examining mental health in the context of gun control. california's mental health law approved eight years ago by voters raises $1 billion a year through special tax on millionaires. steinberg wants the feds to launch similar programs in all states. lawmakers introduced a bill to improve access to a procedure in california. members of the state's women's health alliance gathered to support the proposal. it would improve a woman's access to abortion clinics by authorizing trained nurse practitioners, certified nurse mid wives and physicians' assistants to give all women better access to safe, medical care. >> it's not going to change people's behavior whether they get pregnant or not. women don't get pregnant to have an abortion. that's a myth our opponents like to perpetuate. >> the fundamental right to make their own -- >> supporters say they're
6:35 pm
confident the bill will pass this year. it appears benjamin netanyahu is on course for a third term as prime minister. cheers erupted from the crowds in israel as he came out on top. in today's parliamentary elections. it appears the election was closer than many projected. netanyahu's party captured just 31 seats, well below expectations. the centrist party captured as many as 19 seats. still to come at 6:00, tattoos that everyone is talking about. artwork on 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, helping business boom at one shop. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking our latest storm system offshore. plenty of cloud cover. rain developing off the northern coastline. we'll let you know when that moves in. air quality has been so horrible, another spare the air day in effect for wednesday. that full forecast. stay tuned.
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the america's cup is turning out to be much more than just a yacht race. included in the water front renovation, preparation for the event will be the building of a new pavilion, which will be san francisco's first outdoor waterfront venue. they launched the america's cup concert series this summer. sting will be the first artist to perform there. tickets will go on sale next month. >> wow. >> we have got to get tickets to that. >> by the water. >> during the america's cup? >> no, no, this summer. the concert series. >> i heard it might be helping to cover that, so maybe i have a little in here. we'll see. we'll see. let's take a live look outside tonight.
6:39 pm
cloud cover increasing. we'll talk about our chance of showers in a few minutes. lots of football tonight. a raider legend talks of super bowl sabotage? the 49ers who have the bay area captivated as their quest for a sixth super bowl title gets under wap at the super bowl xlvii preview coming up in sports. ♪
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accusations tonight that the general at the top of the california national guard failed to keep his promise, failed to fix the culture behind the gates of the guard. the accusations following a series of critical investigations by the nbc bay area investigative unit, and knbc in los angeles. >> tony is back with a new development, and the accusations come from the leader of the guard's largest union. >> exactly right, janelle. it's not unusual for a union to question leadership. but this is unusual, because less than a year ago, the union was endorsing general david baldwin. now that support has turned to criticism. >> the reason that i'm here is because it's the right thing to do. >> he's the decisionmaker for the national guard's largest union. representing full-time civilian technicians. >> the reason that i'm here is because i feel that your story is the right thing to do. this has to be told. >> reporter: he admits speaking
6:42 pm
out will likely hurt his union's ongoing contract negotiations with the guard's leadership. he's talking to us after watching our investigation. >> i just want it to stop. >> reporter: we talked with members of the california guard, pointing to a culture where they say complaints of harassment, retaliation and racism are not properly handled. >> it's not necessarily they tolerate it, but they don't address it. >> reporter: he saw our report and heard it from his union members. >> there's still a culture of retaliation and fear out there. >> reporter: this is his picture with general david baldwin attached to a newsletter from february of last year, where the union announced its endorsement of general baldwin to take over leadership of the guard. >> i have a mandate from the governor to change the culture of the unit, of the organization. >> reporter: general baldwin made that promise at his senate confirmation hearing last february. >> at this point he's definitely not kept the promise. if you need any evidence, you
6:43 pm
just need to look at the people that you have spoken with. >> major general baldwin promised to fix the problems you've talked about. did he keep his promise? >> no. >> since the change of leadership, has this problem been cleaned up? >> no. >> it's gotten worse. >> quite the opposite. >> reporter: our investigations included interviews with more than two dozen members of the guard. some were off-camera because they feared retaliation. others told us their stories in front of our cameras. >> i just can't believe that the huge chain of command can't take care of people. >> they like to keep the dirty little secret, keep it in the closet with the other skeletons. >> i'm extremely disappointed in them. i know how much he can do. at this point in time, it's how much he hasn't done. >> reporter: general baldwin and top leaders of the guard continue to decline our interview requests, but for the first time in this written response they did address the attacks on the guard's culture. writing in part, since his appointment, general baldwin and
6:44 pm
his staff have created an open dialogue, in an ongoing effort to improve the cultural climate of the california national guard. the e-mail says general baldwin has worked tirelessly to establish positive working relationships with the union and said he and his command team continue to be proactive. >> moving forward to make this hands-down, bar none, the best national guard in the united states of america. >> reporter: but more than 18 months after governor jerry brown appointed general baldwin, nearly a year after the general promised to fix the guard's culture, the union's leadership said general baldwin has failed. >> in answer to your investigative report, he said he's asked ngb once more to come down, and they're not going to come down for another three months. so how many investigations does general baldwin need to tell him the obvious. that there's problems within the organization.
6:45 pm
>> now, his criticism didn't stop there. he said general baldwin's first 18 months guiding the california guard deserves a performance grade of a "d." he said specifically, i don't even think it's average. now, in its written statement, the california guard noteded it is both unfortunate and ill timed that mr. bosh feels the need to disparage the military department with allegations during this period of open contract negotiations. now, bosh said his comments have nothing to do with the ongoing contract discussion. jess? >> thank you very much, tony. if you have a tip for investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996 tips. changes are coming. get your umbrella ready. jeff, no way, it's not happening. deny it. >> you're probably going to get a few rain drops tomorrow. i know, you don't want it to happen.
6:46 pm
the chances will be greatly different across the bay area. one thing for sure, we're inundated with a lot of cloud cover shrouding all of california. there's increasing confidence of this storm system that has been fickle the last three to four days, each and every forecast model run. it switched up on us. we'll have more data coming up in just a minute. that is increasing our confidence of our best chance of rainfall tomorrow. rain developing offshore about 150 miles to the north. another sign of the atmosphere starting to get real wet down at the lower levels. speaking of wet, take a look at this. 6.83 inches of rainfall in november and december. monster storm totals. but this month, not a whole lot. last time we received over .10 of an inch of rain was back on january the 6th. we still need rain drops. live on this tuesday, we're over that hump of a monday. there's the haze across the silicon valley. that will start to clear out throughout the next two days, improving air quality.
6:47 pm
san rafael looking back to san francisco, a lot much traffic out here. and for once in now about 14 days, we're finally going to get some warmer weather in here for the north bay. so a safer commute tomorrow when it comes to no ice expected on the roadways. however, here comes the latest storm system. look at this plume of subtropical moisture. this is major feeding up into the system. a lot of this is going to stay offshore. some of the heaviest rainfall off to the north. but as the cold front crosses tomorrow, we are definitely going to get some rainfall across the bay area. the other thing that's interesting to note, temperatures are going to cool off. we're also going to have a subtropical moisture cap. humidity levels will go up, so it will feel more humid here throughout wednesday. timeline for tonight, clouded over from the north bay down to the south bay. for tomorrow morning, mainly dry to start off for that commute. but then as we head throughout the afternoon, the new data coming into the computer, increasing the confidence that the north bay will have the best chance of accumulating rain,
6:48 pm
also parts of the east bay and the south bay. so north bay looks like you may get about .10, .25 inch of rain. morning forecast in the low 40s. starting off with cloudy weather. as we head throughout wednesday, upper 50s to near 60, with a chance of rain for the entire bay area. we look at drier weather on thursday, another chance of showers on friday, also saturday and sunday. then you can see as we head throughout monday and tuesday, the sun comes back out. we do have temperatures in the 50s in the forecast. so for tomorrow, it's hit-and-miss, scattered rainfall coming our way. so just keep that umbrella handy. i have to say it's going to be very nice to get this rainfall. i'm looking forward to it. >> i have three umbrellas in my car. >> you are always prepared. >> thank you, jeff. after colin kaepernick made his start with the 49ers, he and his tattoos made national news.
6:49 pm
check this out. these are old cell phone videos of kaepernick getting his tats at the university of nevada in reno. his two artists worked with him since 2008. critics and lots of supporters have been weighing in on the ink. a rush of customers have come in to endless ink in reno, some of them asking for tattoos of kaepernick. >> a walking story of somebody that has ink, and is making good money, and living his dream. >> a stream of customers now after the whole kaepernick thing is just a dream come true. speaking of kaepernick, we've got to speak about the 49ers and the super bowl. let's check in with jim. >> speaking of dreams come true should have been the lead-in, speaking of kaepernick. oh, my goodness, ladies. let's get right to it. there's only one place to start the sports segment, and that's
6:50 pm
with the 49ers' quest as they prepare for the super bowl run. now the national media running head-first into this one as expected. how about this, with a headline that reads there will be blood, "sports illustrated." this week's edition depicts the story line everyone is talking about, the battle of the brothers harbaugh as they lead their respective teams into new orleans. the two faced each other back on thanksgiving night, 2011. jim was asked if he can take anything away from that loss in baltimore. >> getting to know the ravens and who they are now. i think that will be the big thing. we've already seen early in this season, and we played them later in the season. the dynamic on the team changes, personnel, scheme changes pretty drastically. so as we get through this, we'll have a better idea. but that would be my guess, that
6:51 pm
this is completely new business. different personnel, different schemes on both teams. >> jim's brother, john, has his ravens peaking in the postseason. baltimore went on the road and took down future hall of fame quarterback peyton manning and tom brady respectively. but like his brother, john is quick not to let his team get overconfident. >> i believe confidence usually follows success. it's hard to -- you can be fake confident. if you haven't really done anything, you can walk around with a false bravado. you know, our guys are always taking humility first. hungry. humble and hungry. that's something we hear around here a lot. to have success, especially in the last couple of weeks, is generally going to generate some confidence. >> please listen up. we've been your go-to destination for 49ers coverage all season long. super bowl xlvii approaches over
6:52 pm
the next two weeks, comcast sports net bay area, we'll chronicle live sports net central, 49ers central and here on nbc bay area news, wall-to-wall coverage you can't get anywhere else live from new orleans. shifting gears to the silver and black, a raider is grabbing headlines for remarks he made about the postseason appearance in super bowl xxxvii. tim brown is suggesting that ex-raider coaches callahan may have changed the game plan the friday before the game. several months ago, comcast sportsnet sat down with brown who spent 16 seasons with the raiders and explained his perspective on events leading up to that super bowl game. >> now, the guy who this is going to affect the most is baird robbins. because baird robbins is the one who has to make all the calls.
6:53 pm
he is begging callahan, don't do this. i don't have time to prepare for this. please don't do this. i was with him. and he's begging him, you can't do this to me. no, this is what we're going to do. this is what we're going to do. it was that night that baird went out and went awol that night. now, does one have to do with the other? i say yes. you may say no, i say yes. am i blaming that on callahan? i'm not saying callahan purposely did that to baird robbins. but the circumstances are what they are. >> hall of famer jerry rice who started alongside brown in super bowl xxxvii chimed in on the subject telling his employer, espn, that it was, quote, very unusual to change the game plan so late, adding maybe callahan was, quote, willing to sabotage just a little bit and let john gruden go out and win this one. man, that is one odd story.
6:54 pm
we're not worried about that. coming back at 11:00, we've got highlights. sharks and nhl going on, in edmonton for the oilers. dreams coming true. >> very nice. you better give her money before you leave for the super bowl. she's been right on that spread every single time. >> done. >> i'm waiting for the number to come to me, jim. it hasn't come to me. but when it does, you'll be the first to know. >> you've got 12 days. i'm ready for you. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch tonight at 10:30.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00, terrain parks are found at most ski
6:57 pm
resorts, and skiers and snowboarders are flocking to them. but there are no standards to keep them safe. an exclusive tonight after parent hood. that will do it for us. see you tonight at 11:00. >> good night. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ]
6:58 pm
[ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra," new pics, mrs. obama dancing until 3:00 a.m.
6:59 pm
beyonce and jay-z stealing the show. >> we're inside with all the candid moments. the obama's romantic first dance. michelle in a knockout red jason wu dress. how much her chic look would cost. >> we're breaking down her look from head to toe. >> where was oprah? the blonde secret service agent protecting the president. new video, maria shriver in beverly hills as arnold says he's still in love with her. >> would you say maria's the love of your life? >> manti te'o's fake girlfriend speaks out. how the face behind the total found out about the big hoax. >> very bizarre, very twisted. >> now trending, "dancing's" top million dollar proposal for lindsay. >> i think she should have taken it. >> an "extra" update to barbara walters, still in the hospital after her nasty fall. our a-list interviews with robert deniro, bradley

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